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In college, I was taught how to sew by machine and by hand because I was a merchandising major. I learned that you have to have the appropriate materials to effectively piece together what you’re trying to make. I haven’t done much sewing since my college days, but I have tried to piece my life together in the past…

You know how we try to pair ourselves up with a certain group of friends… how we try to transform the person that we’re dating… how we make several attempts to make our life look “F L A W L E S S” on social media by throwing an array of filters, angles, and good lighting… Basically if you’re not gifted at capturing all three in one pic, you opt not to post at all… (maybe that’s just me)

Let’s tackle Failed Attempt #1: I’ve followed people on social media who made it look like I should hire someone to professionally do my yard work because their grass always looks to be greener than mine. When God creates a door of opportunity to teach you a valuable lesson about living in comparison to others: I noticed that they too had some insecurities, flaws, and that they were drowning because a piece of them was trying to uphold an unrealistic standard set by those around them and then that same circle pushed them in the deep end…not knowing that they couldn’t swim.

….. God has given you a pair of feet (or wheels) to be a billboard on display for him and pour into others about the freedom in living for an audience of one and you’re too busy leaning on your own understanding and distracted about how to get your grass to look like the Joneses…..

Failed Attempt #2: I spent so much time in relationships trying to make him more ideal for myself that in all honesty I was just making him more appealing for our social media high. Our followers were booming and our likes increased with every pic… BUT let’s go back to the beginning: our relationship didn’t have a stamp of approval from God. With no doctoral degree in hand, I kept performing surgery on his outward appearance because I used to live wholeheartedly for the approval of man….

{Praise Break for Deliverance }

Here’s a little update: I’m still single so that was an unnecessary procedure that I performed one too many times on his outward self that I should have been performing on my inner self. A piece of me was working overtime to meet a standard that was created by a stranger.

…..Never allow anyone to try to change who you are because the one that God has for you will appreciate you at your best and will love on you a little harder when you’re at your worse…..

Failed Attempt #3: Oh Social Media… You’re like a beautiful art gallery where some people fall in love with the featured piece and others keep scrolling by until they see what interest them more.

…..To my brothers & sisters in Christ: You’re a beautiful work of art created in the image of the Lord and that because he’s your Creator, nothing about you is a mistake. Social media is not the place to seek affirmation, but the Word of God will fill you up with that and so much more……

In each snippet of sharing my failed attempts at trying to piece my life together, I highlighted the word PIECE. It wasn’t until God revealed to me about how much more I could accomplish when I stopped carrying around the pieces that were weighing me down: pieces of my past, pieces of dysfunction, pieces of shame.

The Lord pieced me back together so that peace could be my portion again…

You’re the missing peace to the puzzle of chaos… but you can’t operate in peace until you fully surrender all of the unnecessary pieces…

Power to walk boldly with purpose in mind

Exchange with God to be changed internally forever

Ability to stand firm in your faith

Connect the dots to be reminded: I’m CHOSEN

Entangle yourself in God & not the opinions of others

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do no let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Peace to all of you who may be struggling with your identity, experiencing heartbreak, mourning a loss of close family/ friend, or embracing new surroundings:

Remember Jesus told his disciples… “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

On that note: PEACE OUT


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