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It's been two long years.

After experiencing the pandemic, quarantine, isolation, political unrest and uncertainty, it's left us all asking,

"Can a sister get a break?"

We are here to tell you, the answer is "Absolutely!"

Join us Saved in the City for The Unbreakable Tour and Fast, July 18-22.

We are hosting a night of empowerment in 5 cities, in 5 days, coupled with a 5 day midyear fast, daily prayer call and digital devotional.

Meet us in a city near you!

Click below to secure your seat

7pm nightly*

Join us for our 5 day fast!

We are taking 5 days to fast from distractions to renew our focus, commitment and relationship with God. We invite you to join us!

The fast will include a daily prayer call, an optional digital devotional download and more!


  • Who is eligible to join the mentorship program?
    The program is open to teenage girls aged 13-17 years old, who currently live in the Atlanta, GA area.
  • What does the program curriculum cover?
    The curriculum covers a range of topics including faith development, self-esteem, relationships, and practical life skills from a Christian perspective.
  • How often do mentorship sessions take place?
    Our mentorship sessions typically occur every first Saturday of the month, starting February 3 and ending November 2, 2024; with additional group activities scheduled once a quarter throughout the year.
  • Is there a cost to participate in the program?
    It is absolutely free of charge to the teen and her family to participate in the program.
  • How can I support the program?
    We are actively seeking sponsorships to support our mission. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us at
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